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What is SCHOOL?

SCHOOL is a member-directed learning group, sponsored
locally by SUNY Cobleskill through the Office of Professional and Continuing Education, PACE. SCHOOL is also one of almost 400 such lifelong learning groups affiliated with Road Scholar. 

Who are our members?

The members of SCHOOL are “Third Age” adults, post-family and career people who are actively enjoying their lives. SCHOOL members are inquisitive, energetic and creative. They enjoy intellectual stimulation, hands-on activities, going places, and good fellowship. SCHOOL members love learning just for the sake of learning, and they love sharing what they know. If you're interested in becoming a member, fill out our registration form.

How about employees?
SCHOOL has no employees. Everyone - board and committee members, course presenters, classroom ambassadors, office helpers, and many others - is a volunteer. For more information on volunteering, click here

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You Know You're a ​SCHOOLer If...

  1. You carry your name tag in the glove compartment.

  2. Your semester is only 8 weeks long at the most.

  3. College students hold doors open for you.

  4. You walk the campus for aerobic exercise.

  5. You know the location of every campus elevator.

  6. You smile when you drive by the campus on Rt. 7.

  7. You discuss your classes at social events.

  8. You’ve made new friendships.

  9. You enjoy leaving home for more than shopping and doctor’s appointments.


  1. You’re thinking of leading a class next year!

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