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                                                       Helpful Hints


Not familiar where to find your classroom? Arrive early and ask a student.  They are most helpful.


Our times usually begin on the hour, however students using each classroom have usually left by 10 minutes prior to the hour mark.  Conversely, we need to leave each classroom 10 minutes before the next class begins.


If you should arrive late to class, please enter quietly and save questions for the end.


Parking: We are limited to parking in either the visitor’s section of Lot F, the large lot near Knapp and Bouck Halls or by the Field House. Please make sure your school car tag is displayed on your dashboard so the Campus Police can identify your reason for being on campus.


There are many Handicap Parking locations near classroom buildings.  If walking is difficult, please contact your Dr. and ask for a note to acquire a Handicap Parking Tag.


If you lose your name tag, please call the office at 518-255-5463 and leave a message.  We will try and get a replacement name tag during your next class.  Lanyards can be replaced for a small fee($2).


Each class will have a Class Ambassador who will act as your contact person.  Please let them know if you have a scheduled absence.  They will also contact you on behalf of the instructor if changes are necessary.


Our wonderful instructors are all volunteers.  We treat them to lunch at the end of each semester and they may take another class of their choice if they are not currently members.  Please refrain from offering them gifts or organizing collections for gifts as it may be financially embarrassing for others.  Personal notes are always appreciated.

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