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Some of the classes offered in the past-


campus            Tour of the Center for Natural and Agricultural Resources

cooking            Making Meatballs

cooking             Learn to Bake Biscotti

crafting             S0….Sew

crafting             Circle Weaving

crafting             Glass Crafts at the Studio for Art and Craft

crafting             Painting at the Studio for Art and Craft

crafting             Fairy Gardening

crafting             Greeting Cards

crafting             Crochet Lessons

hiking               Hiking in Summit

hiking               Hiking the Cobleskill Creek Trail

informational     Wine and Cheese Pairings

informational     The Gilded Age 1878 -1890

informational     Using Your Laptop Computer – Your Way

informational     I’ve Always Wanted to Write

informational     Digital Photography Basics

informational     Handling Mental Health Issues within the Extended Family

informational     Science, Technology and Change

informational     Presidential Elections that Shaped America

informational     Walking the Way

informational     History and Architecture of Schoharie County’s Historic Churches

informational     Finding Information Online

informational     African Americans in the Civil War

informational     So Many Books

informational     Murders and Funky Stuff in Schoharie County

informational     Life Juxtaposed: Being Transgender

informational     Self Esteem

informational     Meet the Chef 

informational     The Effect of Scientific Discovery and Technology

informational     The Roaring 20's-Fear and Fun

informational     Examination of Firearms Evidence-President Kennedy's Assassination

informational     The American Dream: Reality or Myth?

informational     The Fascinating World of Gems and Jewelry

informational     Creating Sacred Space at Home

informational     Buddhism

informational     Know Your Watershed

informational     Shakespeare

informational     Antiques

informational    Trains of Schoharie County

informational    Titanic Trunk

informational    Bats

informational    Caves of Schoharie County

local                 Traveling the Schoharie County Beverage Trail

local                 Under the Nose

local                 The Rosoboro Hotel

opera               Glimmerglass Notes on Puccini’s La Bohème

opera               Glimmerglass Notes on Sondheim’s Sweeny Todd

opera               Glimmerglass Notes on Rossini’s The Thieving Magpie

opera               Glimmerglass Notes on The Crucible

trip                  Trip to the Vermont Country Store, Rockingham, Vermont

trip                  Trip to the Town Line Museum

trip                  Visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in NY City

trip                  The Ride, an entertaining tour of NYC

trip                  Tour of the NYS Governor's Mansion

trip                  Tour of the NYS Capitol Building

trip                  Tour of Olana-Home of artist Frederick Church

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